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The Satakunta region is located close to Europe’s largest archipelago. Old towns, lighthouses, historical works, manors and stone churches, the largest river delta in Nordic Countries, national parks stretching over land, lakes and sea – this sums up the West Coast Finland in a nutshell. In addition, Yyteri beach, is the first travel destination in Finland to be awarded the Green Key certificate.


The Old Town of Rauma and the Bronze Age burial site of Sammallahdenmäki are the two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Satakunta, Finland. The Lauhanvuori-Hämeenkangas UNESCO Global Geopark has well preserved, pristine mire landscapes, enriched by glacial and bedrock formations, which tell the story of the ancient development of the region.




Come explore our vivid countryside with interesting activities and testimony of the industrial heritage of the area, pure local products and peaceful nature. Our inviting educational destinations give you the opportunity to learn with joy from our environment, culture, lifestyle, high-class education and innovative industries.

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Yyteri is the first travel destination in Finland to have been awarded the Green Key environmental certificate.  Additionally, Yyteri contributes to the promotion and development of sustainable tourism in Finland and its beach is part of the internationally acknowledged Natura and nature conservation area. Yyteri, facing the Bothnian sea Natural Park on the Baltic sea on the West coast of Finland, is famous for its beautiful sandy dunes and is Finland’s longest fine-sandy beach (6 km).  With year-round access, Yyteri beach offers activities such as swimming, sunbathing, surfing, Paddle boarding, hiking and bird watching using trails, Ropeway adventure or fat-bike riding in the Adventure Park  Huikee, golfing, Nordic walking and skiing (in the winter).


Old Rauma, one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, is the largest unified wooden town in the Nordic countries. Approximately 700 people live in the 70-acre area, which contains 600 buildings. Walking around Old Rauma is like stepping into a fairy tale with its colourful wooden houses, decorative gates, cobble stone streets and beautiful public buildings creating an atmosphere of the long-forgotten past. The town of Rauma in western Finland’s Satakunta region was founded in 1442. It is especially known for its colourful regional dialect and the well-preserved wooden buildings of Old Rauma.

Lauhanvuori-Hämeenkangas Geopark

Experience the serenity and mystique of the wild-mires and discover the traces of the past geological drama. Over two billion years, the ancient mountains have turned into a rhyming landscape of mires, forests, river valleys and ridges, with picturesque country villages, churches, stone bridges and old buildings representing special local history and culture for hikers, wildlife observers and mountain bikers, there are versatile routes from pine forests and esker sceneries to mystical bog wilderness. You can get to know the natural wonders of the Geopark up close and take a dip in the clear lakes and exotic salines. Enjoy memorable delicacies made from pure ingredients in the area’s restaurants and cafés or buy ready-made picnic lunches.


Reposaari is located approximately 30 kilometres from the town of Pori and connected to the mainland by road and rail (port transportation). In the Summer cruises to Reposaari are operated from the centre of Pori. Reposaari is known for its traditional wooden houses, Norwegian-style church, modern holiday homes and windmills, fishing harbour, Port of Pori and for its bold history with its defence fortification and its shipbuilding and sawmill community. Being only 3.5 kilometres long and half a kilometre large, it’s easy to explore the island on foot, by bike or with a car. The Maritime Pori area also covers the picturesque sceneries of Kallo, a seaside view in the village of Mäntyluoto and the traditional culture scenery of the village of Ahlainen. Charming wooden houses, seafood restaurants, the church and the exciting fortress are only a few of the experiences available in Reposaari. You will love the village mood and wonderful sea atmospheres.

Puurijärvi and Isosuo National Park

The Puurijärvi and Isosuo National Park provides a sanctuary for wild birds in the precious cultural landscape of the Satakunta region in southwestern Finland. The area of Lake Puurijärvi is almost 4,5 sq.km. It is one of the most important bird habitats in Finland (FINNIBA), and it has been proposed for inclusion in the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance.

Bothnian Sea National Park – Coast & Archipelago

Listen to the ripple of the waves and look far to the open sea. Established in 2011, the Bothnian Sea National Park comprises approximately 160 km of the coast of Satakunta and Southwest Finland. The National Park extends from Uusikaupunki in the south, to Luvia and the Pori region, and to Merikarvia in the north, and it is mainly located in the outer archipelago: 98% of the area of the Bothnian Sea National Park is water, therefore, the park offers a magnificent open landscape  for boat excursions. Visits to old lighthouse islands of Säppi, Kylmäpihlaja or Isokari, and fortification islands of Kuuskajaskari or Katanpää  offer a glimpse of history and maritime athmosphere. Diving or bird- and wildlife watching are also popular activities. You can visit by private or public cruise during summer months. Coastal areas like Preiviikinlahti bay in Pori (near Yyteri beach) is good spot for birdwatching during spring and autumn, the migrating period of arctic birds.


The Green corridor through the city.

A National Urban Park is a combination of valuable culture and natural landscapes. Similarly, they offer recreational possibilities and are protected areas in an urban environment. Founded in 2002, the Pori National Urban Park covers almost ten square kilometres from the Kokemäenjoki river delta, through to the city and to Isomäki recreation area as well as the countryside surrounding the city. It is divided in three sections: Islets, City Centre & Pori forest with its sports centre. Islets include the riverside sceneries of the community garden in Hevosluoto and the culturally and historically significant Huvilajuopa area of traditional villas from the early 20th century.


The Pori Jazz Festival is one of the pioneering music events in Finland and one of the oldest and most significant jazz and rhythm music festivals in Europe.

Founded in 1966 by a local group of young jazz enthusiasts, the Pori Jazz Festival provides more than one hundred concerts every year, during its nine-days happening in July, in the city of Pori. The legendary jazz street hosted the festival for about 35 years but nowadays the concerts take place in the Kirjurinluoto park island, right in the heart of the city. The festival gathered a total of 349 518 visitors in 2019.


There are three historical Works in Satakunta Region: Kauttua in in EuraNoormarkku by Ahlström family in Pori and Leineperi in Ulvila. They have diverse roots in sawmill or iron industry, stretching from the industrialization era of Finland until modern days. Noormarkku Works offers visitors cultural and industrial heritage in the form of industrial story and Finnish design at Ahlström Voyage exhibition, Sawmill museum, Villa Mairea, accommodation in elegant villassauna and nature activities topped with Chaine de Rotisseur –awarded restaurant services, specializing in wild food from own forests. Kauttua Works offers visitors Alvar Aalto design in the form of building architecture (Terrace House, Jokisauna etc.) and old wooden Works architecture, surrounding Eura municipality offers prehistorical findings at the museum Naurava Lohikäärme. Leineperi Ironworks familiarizes visitors with the traditional housing of workers, glimpses to the old times and work of craftsmen like blacksmith or artisans and historically well prevailed architecture of old ironwork community 

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Finnish education system has become an international success story based on excellent results in the PISA studies. SAMK EduTravel coordinates educational visits to local school institutions in Satakunta region on West Coast Finland. Our main products are Educamps and Delegation visits, providing valuable intercultural experience for participants.

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