This is EduTravel

SAMK EduTravel

SAMK EduTravel is an incoming travel agency coordinating educational tours like educamps and theme group visits in the safe and peaceful Satakunta region, West Coast Finland. We provide high-quality educational travel packages in the Finnish school and recreational environment. Each visit is tailor-made according to the group’s wishes to guarantee the best learning experience.

EduTravel team

We are a young and dynamic team. SAMK EduTravel staff consists of students from Satakunta University of Applied Sciences , mentoring teachers and professionals. Student workers are studying Hospitality Management, Business Administration or Entrepreneurship and they studify courses or do an intership in SAMK EduTravel. Mentors are professionals in Tourism, Marketing, Visual Design, Business Administration and Educational Travel Markets with China.


SAMK EduTravel worker with EduCampkids

Happy educampers with SAMK EduTravel student.

The mission of EduTravel

Our mission is to be a bridge between tour operators / travel agencies abroad and destination service providers in our region. We promote the growth of educational travel in the Satakunta region and West Coast Finland and operate as a learning environment for the students of the Faculty of Service Business in SAMK.  SAMK EduTravel also operates in the neighbouring regions like Lauhanvuori-Hämeenkangas Unesco Global Geopark and Loimaa. Our mission supports the vision of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences: All SAMK students will be employed.


Our 2021

In our 2021 SAMK EduTravel grew in a digital way, creating this website and making use of different social networks to keep our clients informed and provide information to our potential clients. But it also grew in a commercial way, since it continued to attend virtual sales promotion events to build awareness and meet potential Tour Operators abroad.

Annual Report 2021

If you want to know more about us in a deeper and more personal way, you can access to our Annual Report 2021.

Written by the members who made up the SAMK EduTravel team last year, it offers a complete analysis,  covering numerous topics that are usually being invisible to the public and also about other topics that are common but in a more detailed way such as what is SAMK EduTravel, how we co-operate, the products and services we offer…

SAMK EduTravel operates in the region of Satakunta and west coast of Finland

Satakunta is the oldest historical province in Finland. It is located on the southwest coast of Finland and it is one of the 18 regions in Finland. The regional centres are the city of Pori and the city of Rauma. The Kokemäenjoki river flows through the region into the Gulf of Bothnia. It reaches the sea in Pori, forming a major estuary, which is unique in Europe for its vast area of wetlands. The beautiful Yyteri beach and unique Reposaari island filled with old wooden houses are located by the sea. There are also many lakes in the area.